Getting to know our Member of the Month:   Janet Steiner

Nobody wanted this more than Janet. She has all of her meetings at the cafe so she can brag about the gym whenever possible. At any moment she can be found around town wearing her gym swag. Enjoy this month Janet, you earned it!!


1.      How long have you been training at Better

Almost 4 years.

2. Who or What made you decide to start at Better ?  

Susan sat next to me on her first day at our (before we were Pillars) BNI networking group. She kind of scared me. LOL! However, I got to know her more, became friends and found what an educated, talented trainer she was. I'd been really frustrated physically at the time, my son was just under one year old and I was having no luck at losing my baby weight. I had limited mobility as compared to before I'd had kids and was very athletic. I had recurring back issues with pain and continually throwing it out by doing silly/dumb things like unloading the car from Costco or picking my son up from his crib. I knew I needed a change and finally after chatting about these issues with Susan for long enough, I decided to try out Better as a last result since absolutely NOTHING else was working that I had tried. 

3. What are your long term goals?

Continue to get stronger and learn! 

4. What surprised you the most about yourself since you’ve started at Better 


When I walked into my first small group class at Better, I'd never really used kettlebell, TRX, or basically done ANY of the type of training practiced here. I'd been an avid runner and done free weights...albeit without a lot of instruction. I was amazed at how comfortable Susan and her team made it for me to start doing things that I was a bit uncomfortable and (honestly) a bit scared to do. Now after training here and doing the ärt program I feel stronger and more physically confident than ever. In the fall of 2016 I had a "heart-to-heart" with Susan after seeing several people go through the ärt program (Accelerated Rate of Transformation) and say them completely change. At that point, I was ready to make that change in myself. I was still frustrated about not looking and feeling like I felt I really could look...basically falling below the potential of what I knew could be possible. The alternative was to just relinquish myself to where I was at and give up. But I decided to give it a shot, and to be honest I wasn't sure what exactly to expect but I knew I had to try. Once I decided to start the program in January and do the full 9 weeks, Susan said to me, "Okay, I'll let you do the ärt program but if you have to do EXACTLY what I say and stick to the program if you want to see results." And so I said yes and went for it, because I'm a bit scared of Susan...just kidding. I will admit, regarding the eating/drinking program, I had a few slips but I totally wrote them down and was accountable for that. In the end, it was the most incredible experience I've ever done. My physique definitely changed, I lost about 30 lbs that, now over a year have kept off. I've changed how and when I eat which has transferred into how my whole family eats. It's great! But the physical stuff is really not the best part of being here at Better and doing ärt. I no longer have issues with my back, sciatica or mobility. I am stronger than I have ever been and stronger than I ever thought I could be. I can do things like multiple chin-ups, dead lift more than I ever had before. I could go on and on...


5. How do you stay so motivated?

Many things keep me motivated to keep coming back to Better Gym. First and foremost, my health, strength, increased mobility and general wellness are all factors. I want to be able to be the strongest version of myself I can be to have the ability to play with my kids and be active with my family. I want to be a good role model for my daughter so that she grows up knowing girls can be strong too. And, of course the real sense of camaraderie at Better is a highlight every time I am there. To be able to be a part of the Better Gym family where everyone is there to uplift and challenge each other to be the best they can be is like no other gym environment I have ever experienced. Finally, after seeing how much stronger I have become both physically and mentally over the past few years here has given me such an increased sense of accomplishment and pride in myself. I just want to keep coming back to see what's next that I might be able to achieve that I thought I couldn't before!

6. Occupation?

I'm in Marketing/Advertising with N2 Publishing which is a national company. But I own and operate the Celebrating Fox Island magazine that comes out each month and Better Gym/Eats is a Business Sponsor... so that's a plus!

7. What is your favorite music to train to?

Typically anything Toby chooses.

8. What is your favorite lift or movement ?  

Anything that works my arm strength and squats...if you can believe it. LOL! Love working the butt!

9. What is your least favorite lift or movement? 

Everyone knows the answer to this question! Deadlift, deadlift and more deadlift. Susan has said that the difference between me and my sister Jodi, the state powerlifting champion in Alaska, is that I tend to be afraid of the weight and she isn't. Couldn't be more than the truth! Which is exactly why Susan, Blake or Michelle make me up my pounds each week. Ugh. :) Have to make a note here to say: At Better Gym it is encouraged that YOU be YOU. So, for example, my twin sister is a powerlifter and loves lifting insane amounts of weight and is really strong. However, I am a bit more hesitant about lifting super heavy weight and need a bit of encouragement on that end...but we're both super strong. Pretty cool in my book!

10. How would you describe your experience at Better?

You really want to ask me this question? Hahaha! I LOVE it! It is the 45 min in my day that is for ME! And as a crazy, busy business owner, Mom, wife and person involved in the community, there aren't a lot of times in the day that I can focus on myself. Let me tell you that I NEED this in my life and feel so blessed to have met Susan, Better Gym and the rest of the team here.