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Gig harbor's most comprehensive gym; training to move well, increase strength, sharpen focus, and gain the mental toughness that are essential for optimal quality of life  

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Located in Gig Harbor, better is a small physical training facility built on the idea that training should be about practice and quality of movement.

Photos by tania zimmer


Opening our doors in November 2014, this unique gym is centered around quality training. The classes are small to foster a family environment using the modalities and principles our trainer, Susan Moore, has mastered during her years training the U.S. military. She believes that all people deserve the training necessary to move well, increase strength, sharpen focus, and gain mental toughness that are essential for optimal quality of life. She will not only teach you these skills, but also educate you in the whys and hows along the way. There is only one word to describe how you will feel as a result of this training: better.

Come try what "better" has to offer.






3308 Uddenberg Lane

Gig Harbor, WA 98335



Getting to know our Member of the Month:    Chas Heegemam

Chas MOM.jpg

We chose Chas as member of the month for February because of how much we LOVE him.


1.      How long have you been training at Better

  A little over 3 months or 101 days, but who’s counting. Me!

2. Who or What made you decide to start at Better ?  

 A fat picture, you know the one you look at and say OMG is that really me??

3. What are your long term goals?

Get rid of my man tits! Reduce my body fat and to never look like the OMG picture again.  And to also get back to pre-accident Chas of 2009.  

4. What surprised you the most about yourself since you’ve started at Better 

How my body & mind have reacted to working out. Every aspect of my life has improved naturally; I sleep better, I have less stress, more energy, and the list goes on. If I miss a day at the gym my body tells me.

5. How do you stay so motivated?

The way I feel each day when I leave the gym, my sense of accomplishment and knowing that what I’m doing truly improves my life.

6. Occupation?

 I’m a Department of Homeland Security executive that has really cool people (and dogs) working for me. I love my job, I’m so jealous of myself.

7. What is your favorite music to train to?

 I would have to go with Toby’s playlist, old soldiers think alike.  

8. What is your favorite lift or movement ?  

 The crawl! It’s amazing how this one movement engages the entire body and mind.

9. What is your least favorite lift or movement? 

That rascally Turkish Get-Up, it has the better of me for now but I have plans on changing that.

10. How would you describe your experience at Better?

In one-word astonishing. How there can be so many wonderful people in one place, the coffee shop, the coaches, members, and one of the best group of people I have ever been around. I consider myself very lucky to have found this place.





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Join us for this three, six or nine week fitness and nutrition intensive program including daily stability, mobility, strength and metabolic conditioning to jump start your life long goals.



Susan Moore - Owner/Head Coach

Susan Moore - Owner/Head Coach

Toby Moore - Owner/Boss Man

Toby Moore - Owner/Boss Man

Tania Zimmer - Yoga/Photographer

Tania Zimmer - Yoga/Photographer

Michelle O'Brien - Coach/Personal Trainer

Michelle O'Brien - Coach/Personal Trainer

Blake Dukowitz - Coach/Personal Trainer

Blake Dukowitz - Coach/Personal Trainer

Sarah Brown - Intern/Personal Trainer

Sarah Brown - Intern/Personal Trainer

Katie Lynch - Barista/AcroAthletic Instructor

Katie Lynch - Barista/AcroAthletic Instructor

Emily Davis - Barista

Emily Davis - Barista

Alexis Odell - Barista  

Alexis Odell - Barista