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Gig harbor's most comprehensive gym; training to move well, increase strength, sharpen focus, and gain the mental toughness that are essential for optimal quality of life  

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Located in Gig Harbor, better is a small physical training facility built on the idea that training should be about practice and quality of movement.

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Opening our doors in November 2014, this unique gym is centered around quality training. The classes are small to foster a family environment using the modalities and principles our trainer, Susan Moore, has mastered during her years training the U.S. military. She believes that all people deserve the training necessary to move well, increase strength, sharpen focus, and gain mental toughness that are essential for optimal quality of life. She will not only teach you these skills, but also educate you in the whys and hows along the way. There is only one word to describe how you will feel as a result of this training: better.

Come try what "better" has to offer.






3308 Uddenberg Lane

Gig Harbor, WA 98335



Getting to know our Member of the Month:    Jennifer McManus


Taco has changed the landscape of the Better environment. She is one of those individuals you never knew you needed, until you met her and now could not live without. She is someone everyone enjoys and watching her win at fitness is priceless. So glad you picked us!


1.      How long have you been training at Better

About 5 months.

2. Who or What made you decide to start at Better ?  

I was attending another gym and was unhappy. I had a chronic injury and was told it was in my head. I stopped into Better for a nitrobrew when I saw that you served those on Facebook. I met Susan and we chatted, then I saw another familiar face and then we all got to chatting. I was attracted to the women owned business that didn't seem driven by profits at the cost of the client's health and wellness.

3. What are your long term goals?

I hope to deadlift like Liz, clean like Corey, squat like Michelle and Turkish Get-Up like Blake.

4. What surprised you the most about yourself since you’ve started at Better 

I think that I've been winning at fitness, making it to 5 classes each week and am still excited to come see you guys every morning! Furthermore, that shoulder is doing great and the rest of my body is healthy even though I've deadlifted more than I weigh and learned lots of other exercises like Turkish Get-Ups and angry goblet squats. Zero back problems too!

5. How do you stay so motivated?

Well, winning at fitness is addicting. The more I win, the more I want to win more, it's magical. Furthermore, I don't want to run into Toby somewhere if I've missed too many classes. He has that look of disappointment and disapproval that slays me; the right amount of fear is helpful. Also, now I have friends that I look forward to seeing at class and enjoying a flu shot with a full leg pump, that is part of my daily routine.

6. Occupation?

Tax preparer, bookkeeping, accounting and at times, therapist.

7. What is your favorite music to train to?

Never Taylor Swift. I love Foo Fighters and Green Day, with a little gangster rap sprinkled in.

8. What is your favorite lift or movement ?  

Ooooooooo, that's tough. So many... I love my deadlifts and presses. I just learned how to do a snatch and that is also a lot of fun. I feel competent at swings so that is fun too. I don't know, too many moves to pick a favorite!!

9. What is your least favorite lift or movement? 

That stupid bike, I avoid that. It's hard to say it's least favorite, but the Turkish Get-Up makes me feel really uncoordinated and spazzy. I definitely need to keep working on it so I get better at it. Pushups aren't my favorite because of the aforementioned shoulder issue.

10. How would you describe your experience at Better?

Total game changer. I feel a sense of community with my fellow Betterers and I've been getting stronger every week too. I've also improved my nutrition habits, forget Starbucks and low calorie starvation diets. I'm healthy and have been told "I glow." I mean, I told myself I glow, but now I actually believe it. I've got nothing but love for Better Gym, Susan, Toby, Michelle, Blake and all the Betteristas! Amo a mi familia!




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Join us for this three, six or nine week fitness and nutrition intensive program including daily stability, mobility, strength and metabolic conditioning to jump start your life long goals.


Susan Moore - Owner/Head Coach

Susan Moore - Owner/Head Coach

Toby Moore - Owner/Boss Man

Toby Moore - Owner/Boss Man

Tania Zimmer - Yoga/Photographer

Tania Zimmer - Yoga/Photographer

Michelle O'Brien - Coach/Personal Trainer

Michelle O'Brien - Coach/Personal Trainer

Blake Dukowitz - Coach/Personal Trainer

Blake Dukowitz - Coach/Personal Trainer

Sarah Brown - Intern/Personal Trainer

Sarah Brown - Intern/Personal Trainer

Katie Lynch - Barista/AcroAthletic Instructor

Katie Lynch - Barista/AcroAthletic Instructor

Emily Davis - Barista

Emily Davis - Barista

Alexis Odell - Barista  

Alexis Odell - Barista